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The Kachina Accord Available on Amazon

The Kachina Accord is now available on Amazon. Kindle version only $2.99.

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Buy Signed Copy of The Kachina Accord

Buy a signed copy of The Kachina Accord for $15, plus $3.50 shipping (No international orders).

Buy Signed Copy of Kokopelli Harvest

Buy a signed copy of Kokopelli Harvest for $12, plus $3.50 shipping (No international orders).

Buy Signed Copy of Devil's Moon

Buy a signed copy of Devil's Moon for $12, plus $3.50 shipping (No international orders).


Devil's Moon now available at Amazon and B&N

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Kokopelli Harvest

The rainforests of Central America: decades of research by pharmaceutical companies result in a drug capable of preventing many of the world’s deadliest diseases. What if it fell into the wrong hands?

Southern Arizona desert: Mexican illegal immigrants are disappearing – hundreds vanishing without a trace. When US Immigration Agent Jason Holt rescues a group of terrified immigrants from a ruthless human trafficker, he is unknowingly thrust into a chilling plot of biological terrorism. His only lead is Maria Escobar, a beautiful Mexican government agent conducting her own covert investigation. As decaying bodies begin to accumulate in the blistering Arizona desert, Holt and Maria find themselves in a race to prevent a madman from fulfilling his apocalyptic vision. If they fail, it means humanity’s extinction.

Kokopelli Harvest on Amazon

Kokopelli Harvest is now available on You can choose either hard copy or Kindle version. The Kindle version is only $2.99!

Kokopelli Harvest on Amazon

Buy a Signed Copy of Kokopelli Harvest:

You can buy a signed copy of Kokopelli Harvest for $12, plus $3.50 shipping. Sorry, no international orders allowed yet.

If you like the book cover and are looking for a graphic artist, I would highly recommend Barbara Hall who did my book cover. She's a graphic artist from New Zealand and did my cover in one day! You can see some of her work at Model Mayhem and Deviant Art. She's awesome.