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The Kachina Accord Available on Amazon

The Kachina Accord is now available on Amazon. Kindle version only $2.99.

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Buy Signed Copy of The Kachina Accord

Buy a signed copy of The Kachina Accord for $15, plus $3.50 shipping (No international orders).

Buy Signed Copy of Kokopelli Harvest

Buy a signed copy of Kokopelli Harvest for $12, plus $3.50 shipping (No international orders).

Buy Signed Copy of Devil's Moon

Buy a signed copy of Devil's Moon for $12, plus $3.50 shipping (No international orders).


Devil's Moon now available at Amazon and B&N

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Experience Arizona

Visit Matt's Experience Arizona website for hundreds of exciting outdoor adventures!

Matt Marine is an outdoor adventurer who loves a good mystery. Click here to find out more about Matt and his faithful companion, Cat-dog.

Experience Arizona

In addition to writing mystery/suspense novels, Matt authors a popular outdoor adventure site called Experience Arizona ( The site specializes in Matt's favorite outdoor activities: hiking, biking and four-wheeling.

Whether you're a first time Arizona visitor or a native, we're sure you will find some new adventures to enjoy. Arizona has something for everyone who enjoys the outdoors and has an adventurous spirit.

You can 4WD to a deserted ghost town, hike among cool pine trees or race down a fast singletrack on your mountain bike. The Experience Arizona website has all you need for your next outdoor adventure.

Experience Arizona is the best resource for information about whatever you want to do in Arizona. Your adventure is just a click away...

- Over 100 adventures and growing every month

- Detailed topographical maps of adventures and interesting places to go

- Downloadable GPS coordinates for every trail

- Detailed descriptions of the trail (not just a short paragraph copied from some travel web page based in Maine)

- Directions on how to get there and links to Google Maps

- Pictures and videos

- Interactive maps with clickable hotspots

- Historical information on each adventure

- Consistent trail ratings

- Honest and fair gear reviews

- The latest news and information on outdoor adventures in Arizona

- A big list of Arizona ghost towns you can visit

- Information on Arizona history, people, places and things

- A HUGE list of other things to do in Arizona

So if you have an adventurous spirit, or maybe you're just looking for something different to do, Experience Arizona is your ticket to a new adventure!