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The Kachina Accord Available on Amazon

The Kachina Accord is now available on Amazon. Kindle version only $2.99.

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Buy Signed Copy of The Kachina Accord

Buy a signed copy of The Kachina Accord for $15, plus $3.50 shipping (No international orders).

Buy Signed Copy of Kokopelli Harvest

Buy a signed copy of Kokopelli Harvest for $12, plus $3.50 shipping (No international orders).

Buy Signed Copy of Devil's Moon

Buy a signed copy of Devil's Moon for $12, plus $3.50 shipping (No international orders).


Devil's Moon now available at Amazon and B&N

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Experience Arizona

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Matt Marine is an outdoor adventurer who loves a good mystery. Click here to find out more about Matt and his faithful companion, Cat-dog.

Characters & Scenes

Characters & Scenes startup screen

After years of trying many different writing programs and techniques to help develop and keep track of characters, Matt grew frustrated and developed his own software program. Characters & Scenes is a revolutionary software program developed by Matt Marine to help writers with their craft.


Thousands of character ideas

It combines a powerful character attribute database with an easy to use mapping software program to quickly develop, organize and keep track of all your characters and scenes. Characters & Scenes replaces cumbersome note cards, Word or Excel documents.

Fully expandable/collapsible

Need some help developing that secondary, but important character? Can't really think of a unique way to describe them so they stand out? Characters & Scenes to the rescue. With over 100 different eye colors and 70 different ways to describe a character's mouth, Characters & Scenes can help you uniquely describe your character.

Use Characters & Scenes to:

- Develop characters: choose from over 10,000 characters attributes
>>>- Fully develop your character's back story and physical description
>>>- Physical description: Face shape, eye color, nose shape, etc
>>>- Personality traits: Interests, likes, dislikes, bad habits, etc
>>>- Personal and family history: Education, jobs, military experience, etc
>>>- Opinions: Sex, alcohol, movies, etc
>>>- Thousands of other character development attributes and ideas
>>>- Easily add your own character attributes to the database for future work
- Organize characters and scenes
>>>- Easily organize all your characters in series of collapsible nodes
>>>- Fully expandable and collapsible: Find exactly what you need easily
>>>- No more searching through messy and unorganized note cards
>>>- Replaces cumbersome Word and Excel files
>>>- Notes, to do and scene nodes keeps everything just where you need it
- Keep track of characters and scenes
>>>- Use brainstorming node to keep track of ideas - and find them easily
>>>- Each scene and character has a specific node that can be easily updated
>>>- Keep track of important scene details for future use

Easily develop scenes

Characters & Scenes uses a powerful (and free) mind mapping software called FreeMind. FreeMind is an awesome mind mapping software that has been used to brainstorm and organize people's thoughts for years. Now, with Characters & Scenes, it can help you write.

The official release of Characters & Scenes coming soon!

Characters & Scenes will be offered free with under the following conditions:
- Although Characters & Scenes can be considered freeware, it would be nice if End Users would not distribute it without permission from Matthew Marine
End Users understand that Matthew Marine is not in the business of software and no warranty, support, guarantees, explicit or otherwise, are implied
- End Users need to download FreeMind (which is currently free). Matthew Marine does not warranty FreeMind, nor is he an expert in the software. Problems with FreeMind need to be addressed with the wonderful people at FreeMind