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The Kachina Accord Available on Amazon

The Kachina Accord is now available on Amazon. Kindle version only $2.99.

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Buy Signed Copy of The Kachina Accord

Buy a signed copy of The Kachina Accord for $15, plus $3.50 shipping (No international orders).

Buy Signed Copy of Kokopelli Harvest

Buy a signed copy of Kokopelli Harvest for $12, plus $3.50 shipping (No international orders).

Buy Signed Copy of Devil's Moon

Buy a signed copy of Devil's Moon for $12, plus $3.50 shipping (No international orders).


Devil's Moon now available at Amazon and B&N

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Experience Arizona

Visit Matt's Experience Arizona website for hundreds of exciting outdoor adventures!

Matt Marine is an outdoor adventurer who loves a good mystery. Click here to find out more about Matt and his faithful companion, Cat-dog.

Matt Marine

Matt has always enjoyed writing, which probably comes from his love of reading. Not surprisingly, his favorite books are mysteries and thrillers. Give him a Dirk Pitt or Jack Reacher novel and you won’t see him for a couple of days.

In 2004, he began freelancing for Arizona Highways magazine as a contributing writer, followed by a humor column in Irish Dance Magazine. No, he can’t dance a lick; remember, it was a humor column.

Then he got a brilliant idea: he was going to write his own book. One full of all the action, mystery and suspense he craved. It was going to be easy. All he had to do was scribble some words together and bam, his book would be born. Yeah, right. Although it took a couple of years and he lost a great deal of hair in the process, Devil's Moon has been published.  

But that’s not the end of the story. Matt’s hard at work on his next novel and his continuing goal to combine his love of Arizona and writing into the perfect mystery/suspense novel.

Originally from Michigan, he considers Arizona—the backdrop of Devil's Moon and his Jason Holt novels—his home.  He lives there with his wife, children, four cats, two horses, a couple of dogs and one cat-dog. Matt has a master's degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona and served with distinction for almost 15 years with the Arizona Air National Guard.

When Matt’s not writing about the evils of rural Arizona, he enjoys exploring the state by bike, boot and Jeep—something he's done for almost thirty years. Putting all this knowledge to use, he authors a popular outdoor adventure website called Experience Arizona (

Cat-dog (Cammie): Matt's Faithful Companion

When Matt's out exploring Arizona, you will often see him with a small white and gray dog known by many as Cat-dog. She's a friendly pup who loves to climb on rocks and chase lizards. But why is she called Cat-dog?

Cammie (Cat-dog) can act more like a cat, than dog. She doesn't play with balls, instead she likes to play with the shoelace usually reserved for cats. She will catch lizards out in the back yard and play with them like a cat. She recently caught (and released) a bird. Her favorite treats are, you guessed it, cat treats. She has so many cat-like traits that she became known as Cat-Dog (also to pay homage to one of Matt's kids favorite cartoons when they were growing up).

Cat-Dog is a 6 year-old Border Collie / Australian Shepherd / maybe something else mix Matt and his family rescued from a Border Collie rescue shelter when she was about six months old. She's a very smart little pup who has a lot of energy and causes a great amount of mischief (and also joy) in Matt's household. She loves to go hiking and biking, but puts up with Matt's four-wheeling adventures (she curls up in the back seat until he gets to someplace she can stretch her legs).

If you would like to know more about Cammie, you can visit her page (and gallery) on Experience Arizona by clicking here.